Writhing with sickness, thrown into banality, idk.

m tired of being awkward and silent. you know. i want people to feel like they can talk to me. i always get skipped over and that’s my own fault, but i also feel unable to talk. wehh


*Jesus does the cup song at the Last Supper* You’re going to miss me when I’m gone.

my dad brought a car home for the weekend and he hasn’t bought it yet, but he thinks he’s going to. you guys. it has air conditioning. and a radio. and working windows (all four of them!!!!). and lights. imagine

Xena has many skills ➜ [1.11] [1.20] [2.11] [2.19] [2.22] [3.15] [6.18]


' “Three guys and a watermelon” aka AFI. Let it be known that Davey Havok titled this one himself ;). ’ by Chelsea Lauren

idk what he’s doing in my house, but he just stands there all day and all night and insults me. perhaps he is Iona’s boyfriend??

idk what he’s doing in my house, but he just stands there all day and all night and insults me. perhaps he is Iona’s boyfriend??


Just bull things. 


Just bull things. 

that scene in Snow White where the huntsman raises his dagger to kill her and she raises her arms over herself is possibly the scariest shit ever animated. i mean can you imagine working out how a little princess about to be stabbed would move and then drawing and animating it. ack

one of my very earliest memories is watching Snow White and cowering under the coffee table (where most of my childhood memories ended up) because of that scene and immediately after when she gets lost in the woods. that movie is pretty horrifying, all things considered. still one of my favorites, though, the dwarfs are worth it

think it’s a bad time to go adventuring right now, you’ll end up missing

btw i thought my german was pretty decent until i tried to play skyrim with it. I KNOW NOTHING. i mean i know what i’m doing in german, i can form all kinds of sentences and get the grammar pretty much right and talk about p much all basic topics and get around by circumlocution when i don’t know a word. it’s just that skyrim has a much higher level of vocabulary than anything i’ve had to deal with so far in my education, whoaaa. it’ll put you in your place, for sure.

it’ll also hone your vocab really fast if you’re diligent about it. i started out that way, but now i have no self control and just keep plunging back in without taking time to study. i keep looking up the word beweisen even though it’s come up like 348309843 times. it means “to prove,” which should be easy because Beweis is “proof” but i keep seeing it in past participle form bewiesen and for some reason it keeps confusing me, why am i so dumb!!

arghhhh there was a skyrim update and i downloaded it, little did i know it would change my game back to english. now i have to redownload german all over again >:|