Writhing with sickness, thrown into banality, idk.

We hired Illia as steward instead of Uthgerd, gave her a chance to turn her life around. seemed depressing living in that tower anyway. figured it would give Serana someone to bond with over magic too

There are now seven people, a dog, a fox, a horse, an elk, a cow, and two chickens living at Heljarchen Hall. divines help us


I’m not the first to make this joke and by god I won’t be the last

welp i finished Dawnguard well before i expected, so i guess i’m just gonna chill and perfect my Skyrim life while i wait to start Morrowind. finally gonna finish up my house. in my mind, Liv decided to build Heljarchen Hall as a place for warrior women to gather, kinda like the mead hall in Beowulf, u know? like a lesbian bar on the snowy plains of the Pale

anyway Liv lives there with Mjoll and Lucia, of course, and Lydia goes where her thane goes so she lives there too. Serana just recently moved in, cause living with the Dawnguard felt kinda weird, for obvious reasons. Meeko and the orange fox, i can’t remember what its name is, live there too, and EVERYONE TRIES TO SLEEP ON LIV’S BED even though there are like six beds in the house

Frost lives outside fighting giants all day long (i made him immortal with console commands so he can and will slowly like, kick giants to death), and there’s also an elk who practically lives in the front yard. Liv hasn’t chosen a steward yet, but she’s considering Uthgerd. anyway, once she does the house will be super crowded with the steward and the bard and whoever else comes along, but that’s ok. i just wish they would use the upper floor and all the extra rooms instead of all crowding in the bedroom and kitchen. why npcs


wearing all black feels so good



Silly comics about silly ghost by Hanna-Pirita Lehkonen.

These are ADORABLE.



I think one of the reasons the Harry Potter Epilogue was so poorly received was because the audience was primarily made up of the Millennial generation.

We’ve walked with Harry, Ron and Hermione, through a world that we thought was great but slowly revealed itself to be the opposite. We unpeeled the layers of corruption within the government, we saw cruelty against minorities grow in the past decades, and had media attack us and had teachers tell us that we ‘must not tell lies’. We got angry and frustrated and, like Harry, Ron and Hermione, had to think of a way to fight back. And them winning? That would have been enough to give us hope and leave us satisfied.

But instead. There was skip scene. And suddenly they were all over 30 and happy with their 2.5 children.

And the Millennials were left flailing in the dust.

Because while we recognised and empathised with everything up to that point. But seeing the Golden Trio financially stable and content and married? That was not something our generation could recognise. Because we have no idea if we’re ever going to be able to reach that stage. Not with the world we’re living in right now.

Having Harry, Ron and Hermione stare off into the distance after the battle and wonder about what the future might be would have stuck with us. Hell, have them move into a shitty flat together and try and sort out their lives would have. Have them with screaming nightmares and failed relationships and trying to get jobs in a society that’s falling apart would have. Have them still trying to fix things in that society would have. Because we known Voldemort was just a symptom of the disease of prejudice the Wizarding World.

But don’t push us off with an ‘all was well’. In a world about magic, JK Rowling finally broke our suspension of disbelief by having them all hit middle-class and middle-age contentment and expecting a fanbase of teenagers to accept it.

Also. Since when was ‘don’t worry kids, you’re going to turn out just like your parents’ ever a happy ending? Does our generation even recognise marriage and money and jobs as the fulfillment of life anymore? Does our generation even recognise the Epilogue’s Golden Trio anymore?



okuparc: (vía Blumen scannen kann ja jeder/Scanning flowers is so old-school…)


The Gaston Slam: Comes with 4 dozen eggs and is roughly the size of a barge

meet the blogger (because Im conceited as heck)


name: Hannah
eye color:  green
hair color: blonde, but quickly darkening D:
height: 5’5”
clothing style: 8th grade emo kid
best physical feature: i have nice hands. i like my body too


your fears: death of family, death of self, stinging insects, lightning, men, mean ppl, my anxiety… an easier list would be things i don’t fear
your guilty pleasure: indulging my negative feelings and the grudges i hold
ambitions for the future: get out of this rut and regain some measure of confidence. one step at a time, can’t afford any more than that.


your first thoughts waking up: ugh how long will my internet rounds take today
what you think about most: escapist fantasies, tbh. these days mostly Skyrim. an embarrassing amount of thought is devoted to Mjoll the Lioness
what you think about before bed: same
you think your best quality is: i’m v sensitive and i think that makes me p good at understanding people. not that i’m outgoing enough to put that to use.


single or group dates: i’ve never been on a group date, and such a date would be useless to me. i have a hard enough time engaging one person.
to be loved or respected: loved. respect is bitter when ppl don’t actually like you
beauty or brains: brains
dogs or cats: dogs 4evr


lie: not more than i have to
believe in yourself: no and it’s ruining my life
believe in love: what, that it exists? people love stuff and other people?? obviously
want someone: yeah i want someone to talk to and hang out with and eat with. i’m happy if i have that


been on stage: yes
done drugs: i’ve got the straight edge
changed who you were to fit in: i’ve tried, but i’m reallllly bad at it, so i gave that up a long time ago


favorite colors: silver, purple, pink
favorite animal: dogs, elephants, hyenas, deer and antelope
favorite movie: The Lion King
favorite game: the Sly Cooper series, probably the second one the most
day your next birthday will be: Wednesday
How old will you be: 21. no, i’m still not drinking alcohol
Does age matter: probably. what are we talking about here? but yeah age matters pretty much all the time. it doesn’t always have to keep you back, but good lord, it matters

ok after some intense and excited thought, i think i do want to be princess aurora. even though i’m kinda reluctant to dress up as something ‘pretty’ u know


it’s disney year for halloween, so i been thinking about that. not sure yet, but rn i’m thinkin either princess aurora (i love her peasant dress sooooo much), or a hyena. somehow i have managed to go twenty halloweens without being a hyena. this is an outrage